Back in Stock SMS alerts achieve a 3x better conversion rate than traditional email alerts. Restock Rocket’s Pro plan allows you to send UNLIMITED email alerts and UNLIMITED SMS alerts too, starting at $0.1 per SMS sent. The Pro plan also entitles you to priority support and access to all new features that will be released.

For example - If you signed up to Restock Rocket’s PRO plan on Dec 12, then your billing cycles will be Dec 12 - Jan 11, Jan 12 - Feb 11 and so on. Let’s say you had 100 SMS notifications from Dec 12 - Jan 11 sent to customers in USA/CA, you will be charged $10 ($0.1 X 100) in the same billing cycle in addition to the $20 subscription charge. If no SMS’s are sent in a particular month, you will not be charged.

At Restock Rocket, I am dedicated to helping you succeed with your business. If you are not sure about the usage fee charged to your store or if you feel that you have been charged incorrectly, please let me know via the Customer Support widget within Restock Rocket or via email at [email protected]. Rest assured that if there is any issue on my part, I’ll make sure to issue a refund at the earliest.

SMS charges vary depending on the country your customers are located in.

Country Code Price per segment (160 chars)
Australia 61 $0.10
Austria 43 $0.15
Belgium 32 $0.10
Brazil 55 $0.10
Germany 49 $0.15
Italy 39 $0.15
Luxembourg 352 $0.10
New Zealand 64 $0.15
Nigeria 234 $0.10
South Africa 27 $0.10
Sweden 46 $0.10
Switzerland 41 $0.15
United Arab Emirates 971 $0.10
United Kingdom 44 $0.10
USA/Canada 1 $0.10
Rest of World - $0.10

Please note that if you use emojis or special accented characters in your SMS templates, you will incur twice the costs as the formatting required reduces the number of characters available per segment by half.